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Solar Window Film

It’s no fun sticking to your furniture or sweltering behind your desk in the summer humidity, and running your air conditioning all season long is expensive. Installing window film can help you maintain a pleasant indoor temperature about 10 degrees cooler than outside. Benefit from running your air conditioner sparingly at home or in the office during those hot and muggy Ottawa summers.

Coated glass distributes heat evenly within the room to reduce hot and cold spots and even helps lock heat inside in the winter. Tinted windows still let in plenty of natural sunlight but can reduce up to 80% of sun glare. So, you can watch TV and see your computer screen without straining, keeping family and employees comfortable, no matter the weather.

  • Reduce cooling costs by up to 50%
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • Enjoy 80% less sun glare
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How It Works

Over time, the sun’s rays can fade flooring, drapes, furniture and fabrics. With 99.9% UV protection, our films block damaging UV rays and keep your decor looking vibrant and healthy for a lifetime. EnvrioFilms’ products are designed to complement the aesthetic look of any home and some coatings can be nearly invisible when applied. They are completely environmentally-friendly and won’t damage your home’s exterior or the environment.

Energy Efficient

Window films can reduce your annual cooling costs by up to 50%. Install window film in your home or office and watch the energy savings.

Sun Damage Protection

Window tinting is endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation in helping reduce the risk of skin cancer. Solar window film also protects your interior furnishings.

Comfortable Living

You benefit from a consistent, cooler indoor temperature with heat equalization, and up to 80% less sun glare with window films. 

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