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Residential Window Films

How would you like to reduce your annual cooling costs? Are you looking for a discreet but effective solution for privacy? Or maybe you need a specialty treatment for a unique window shape. Our window films offer solutions to all of these challenges, and more.

At EnrivoFilms we offer a large range of films which provide solar protection, privacy, security, safety and decorative touches. With the right window film you can enhance the comfort and security of your home, without compromising on elegance. Our customers enjoy the health benefits of UV protection, the comfort of equalized heat all year long, and savings on their energy bills.

Energy Efficient

With home window films, you are able to run your air conditioning 2 °C warmer and still feel as cool. This translates into energy savings.

Sun Damage Protection

Our films provide 99.9% UV protection and have been recommended by physicians nationwide as a skin safe preventative measure. They also protect your furnishings from the effects of sun exposure.

Comfortable Living

Window films prevent hot spots and reduce sun glare by 80%, while making the most of natural light and large windows. Enjoy a consistent indoor temperature year-round.


Keep Cool, Save Energy and Protect Your Home’s Interior

Treated glass repels the sun’s heat, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of cooler indoor temperatures. Solar window films also block harmful UV rays, providing protection to your skin and preventing your furnishings and decor from fading.
Have older single pane windows? If the frames are still in good shape, we have a film that will make a single pane a double pane. This film helps reflect the heat back into the home in the winter and has a great deal of heat rejection in the summer.

Have Low E windows? The Low-E window provide heat retention in the winter, but what keeps the heat out in the summer? Air conditioning is a drain on the pocket book, but a necessity in the summer. With home window films, you are able to run your air conditioning 2 °C warmer and still feel as cool.


Avoid break-ins, protect against accidents and reduce injury.

Our shatter-resistant film acts like double pane protection. This makes it harder to break and therefore discourages intruders. If the glass is broken, the pieces stick to the film rather than scattering, providing improved protection for your family in the case of an accident.


Achieve your optimum level of privacy with discreet and stylish window films.

With frosted and gradient options, you can conceal an unwanted view without compromising on natural light. Since we offer a large range of products, you can be sure to match the interior design of your home, and even find solutions for awkward shaped windows or unique features.


Decorative films are an affordable and fun way to add colour and flare to your home.

As well as providing privacy and light diffusion, you can mimic specialty effects like textured glass without the expense of replacing windows. Our graphic films can be used as wall murals, a great way to spruce up a child’s bedroom without investing in a complete re-design. And our films aren’t limited to windows – they can be used on doors and partitions too.

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Improve the comfort in your home or office with window films