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Commercial Window Films

Energy usage is the single largest operating cost in commercial buildings and often represents 30% of your annual budget. When you install window film that blocks 75% of the sun’s heat, your HVAC system can stop working overtime, increasing its longevity. With high-efficiency film you can enjoy 6.6 times the energy efficiency for every dollar invested.

Since window glazing significantly reduces sun glare, you will notice heat equalization, with no more hot and cold spots. Your employees can work comfortably and productively in a consistent indoor temperature. Window tinting also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays, which penetrate non-coated glass, to protect your furnishings, products and staff. Window tinting is a cheaper alternative to replacing damaged or deteriorating glass and the money saved in operating costs typically pays for the installation in just three years.

Leed Certification

Window tinting helps reduce energy usage and carbon emissions. Our window films can help move your Ottawa commercial building up to 9 points closer to LEED certification.


Decorative film provides fresh options for enhancing interiors, creating privacy, filtering light and even promoting special offerings or events.


Protect your office from break-in and damage with shatter-protection film. When impact occurs, the film helps keep shards intact within the pane to prevent entry, damage to merchandise and personal injury.


Reduce energy consumption, cut business costs and protect your employees.

Installing solar window films will create heat equalization in your office, reducing energy consumption and keeping staff comfortable all year round. Tinting also blocks UV rays, protecting your skin, and furnishings. Add to this the fact that window tinting can help you achieve LEED certification, and solar film is a wise investment.


Protect your business from break-ins and accidental damage.

Our shatter-resistant film acts like a double pane on your glass window, making them much harder to break and thereby deterring thieves from entering. In the case of an accident, broken glass sticks to the film rather than scattering, to avoid injury to staff and damage to business inventory.


Conceal unwanted views and protect your merchandise with frost and gradient films in a range of designs. Our films enable you to achieve your desired level of privacy on external windows and internal glass partitions, without sacrificing natural light. Our large product range means you can match the branding and design of your office.


Graphic murals are a practical and stylish way of adding flare to your office space and enhancing your branding. Options include logos and branding for your building front, removable films for seasonal promotions, and a host of custom films to add colour, design or texture to your interior.

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