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Top 4 Benefits of Window Film

Top 4 Benefits of Window film

1. Save Energy. By installing Vista window films, you can greatly reduce the amount of your cooling costs. EnviroFilms installs window film that will reduce the amount of solar heat transferred through you windows causing air conditioning to run excessively. Vista window films will reduce the heat gain by up to 78%. Ontario hydro suggests that if you can increase the temperature by 2 degrees C, then you can save money on cooling costs. Window film will allow you to do that and still feel comfortable.

2. If you find that there are some rooms that are unbearably hot, and some that are uncomfortably cold, installing window film will help keep the temperature in the house more consistent. How does window film help this? When the sun heats up one side of the house, you need to adjust the temperature to cool that room. The rooms on the other side of the house now get too hot. Same thing in the winter, except you need to increase the heating temp to warm the shaded side and the sunny side is still too hot. Window film will help reduce the amount of heat coming through allowing you keep your temperature at a consistent number.

3. Glare Reduction. Is your TV or computer screen close to a bright window? Too much glare from the sun will increase eye strain. Window tint can help reduce the amount of light that comes through the window making it easier to see the TV or computer. Vista window film will block the glare but not the natural light. There is no need to choose between glare and light.

4. Fading: What causes fading? UV and Heat cause the majority of the fading. Vista Window film will block 99.9% of the harmful UV rays and can block up to 80% of the heat. This will keep your furnishings and hardwood floors looking like new. Artwork will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

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