Ottawa Baseball Stadium

As a part of the grand renovations at the Ottawa Baseball Stadium, enviro films was chosen to install decorative film to the glass.  It was a fun project with the bright colour film.  

St Laurent

This Great decorative coloured film matches the floor design very well.  Good design choice.

Public Washrooms Landsdowne Park

Large windows in a public washroom is a great feature to let in an abundance of light.  The problem with that is the office building across the street can look directly in and see you doing your business.  It was a tough job with the windows being so big, but our qualified installer had no problem getting the film on those windows.  A Frost film was installed to prevent seeing in or out of the windows, but it will let in all the light.  Perfect solution in a public washroom.

Jack Astors Bar & Grill Landsdowne Park

A short bit about what was done and add a pic.

Kanata Public Library

Ottawa Public Library Kanata branch had window film installed on the large row of windows to help reduce the amount of heat that was coming through the windows.  Window Film is a perfect solution for this as it still lets in the light, but reduces the heat and blocks all the UV rays that cause damage therefore providing protection for the books 

March Rd Pet Food & Grooming

To help keep the critters cool and comfortable, the owners installed a beautiful bronze film that has a high heat rejection.  They were especially grateful when the air conditioner went on the fritz.  The store was kept cool and the animals were comfortable until the air could be fixed.  Even though this is a reflective film, they have enough light inside the store to allow customers to see in.


Kanata Ford

Kanata Ford was a large project we did.  With the large windows, their sales professionals and clients were finding it uncomfortable to sit at desks.  With the installation of window film, it reduced the amount of heat, and glare, resulting in a more comfortable place to purchase your new vehicle.


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