Commercial Window Films

Economical and Protective Film for Your Ottawa Business 

Commercial benefits of window tinting

• Save energy and money

• Protect against theft and damage

• Keep employees comfortable

• LEED certify your business sooner


Staying cool comes with a good return

Energy usage is commercial buildings' single largest operating cost and often represents 30% of your annual budget. Cut back by installing window film that blocks 75% of the sun's heat and naturally keeps your office cool. Your HVAC system can stop working overtime, increasing its longevity, and high-efficiency film provides 6.6 times the energy efficiency for every dollar invested. Window tinting is a cheaper alternative to replacing damaged or deteriorating glass and the money saved in operating costs typically pays for the installation in just three years.


Secure your business

Protect your office or small business from break-in and damage with Enviro Films' shatter-protection film. When impact occurs, the film helps keep shards intact within the pane to prevent entry, damage to merchandise and personal injury. Window tinting also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays, which penetrate non-coated glass, to protect your furnishings, products and staff.


Comfortable employees do good work

Window glazing can equalize the heat and cold distribution in a room to eliminate hot and cold spots, and significantly reduce sun glare. And while your office maintains a consistent indoor temperature, your employees can work comfortably and productively.


Get LEED certified sooner

Window tinting is environmentally-friendly and helps reduce energy usage and carbon emissions. Enviro Films offers a selection of window film that can help move your Ottawa commercial building up to 9 points closer to LEED certification. 


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