Solar Control for Your Comfort

Keep comfortable with protective and energy-saving window film for your home, business or office.

Window Film installed in you home will help you save money.  

Comfort Year-Round

Have older single pane windows?  If the frames are still in good shape, we have a film that will make a single pane a double pane.  This film helps reflect the heat back into the home in the winter and has a great deal of heat rejection in the summer.  This will provide savings all year long.

Have Low E windows?  The Low-E window will provide heat retention in the winter, but what keeps the heat out in the summer?  Install residential window film to your home and watch the energy savings.  Air conditioning is a drain on the pocket book, but is a necessity in the summer.  With home window films, you are able to run your air conditioning 2 °C warmer and still feel as cool.  This will allow your air conditioning to run less.


Prevent Hot Spots

Don't you love all those windows in your great room?  Beautiful view and lots of light shining in, sometimes too much.

If you find your great room is too warm, turn up the air conditioning, or turn down the heat in winter, then you find the rest of the rooms in the front part of the home are too cold, that is what we call hot spots.  By installing window film in your home, we can prevent hot spots.  Keep the view and most of the light, the reason for having all those windows, while providing comfort in all rooms of your home.

Privacy Films

We all want to be able to see out the windows, but who wants looky loo's seeing what we are doing inside?  Enviro Films provide privacy films.  We offer different types of privacy films.  Our frosted line are translucent and allow light to pass through and provide 24 hour privacy.  Want to see out?  Privacy films can allow you to look out during the day, while providing a reflective look from the outside.  Passer-by's are not able to see through the film during the day, while allowing the occupants to see out without obstruction.  Why have a view if you have to pull the shades?

Health Benefits

Window films for your home or office block up to 99 percent of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays.  Blocking UV rays will protect against sun exposure which can cause skin cancer.  If you have an office with a large window, a sunroom you love to sit in, or children with a play area near a window, you can install window film to prevent the damage from UV rays.  Blocking the harmful suns rays is a great anti-aging cure.

Safety Benefits

If you are worried about a thief breaking into your home while you are home or away, we have a safety film that will help protect your home or business.  Safety film will keep the glass intact and will deter the thief from entering through a window.

For a complete look at the article that was published in the Modern Builder & Design on behalf of the International Window Film Association see this PDF(1.75mb) images/pdf/window-film-saves-money.pdf. 

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